Electro Pop Duo

Album coming out 5/22/21

Queen King is Jessie Deluxe (Vocals, Guitar and production) and Amaya Shiva (electric drums). The two reunited in the Hollywood Hills during Covid after first becoming friends in Santa Fe, NM. They channeled their energy and worries about the pandemic and future of humanity into making beats and electronic music that fans of Massive Attack, Lana Del Rey, and Sleigh Bells will love. Their first single and music video "Bet you Know" was released 1/21/21. It will also be featured on their first album "Nichols Canyon",  coming out 5/22/21. Follow them on instagram @queenking_realm and all streaming outlets!

Nichols Canyon (Release 5/22/21)

Queen King

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JDLX found herself in LA @ the same time Amaya Shiva was there during covid. They decided to play electronica & became "Queen King". Covid, fires, riots and marches..how did they stay above it all? Quite literally up in Nichols Canyon!

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The album "Nichols Canyon" by Queen King will be released 5/22/21 and available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all major streaming outlets.  Fans of The Midnight and Lana Del Rey will love their California beach vibes with a heavy dash of dark pop that takes the listener on a musical journey that captures the emotional ups and downs of 2020 with the crooning vocals and big bass of “God’s Love” to the fast and furious “Down on Your Knees” to the dance pop vibes of “Lisa Frankenstein”.

Jessie Deluxe (Singer Songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist ) recorded the album with her laptop, one microphone and a guitar at drummer Amaya Shiva’s house in Nichols Canyon, where the album title comes from. Her house served as a safe place for the duo to be creative and free amidst the turmoils of CoVID, nationwide protests calling for the end to violence to black people in our country, and horrible wildfires everywhere in California. Jams immediately turned into songs, and the duo’s musical spark and fast electric flow led to their 6 song album Nichols Canyon

 The duo is influenced by a wide range of artists such as Lana Del Rey, The Midnight, PJ Harvey, and other various pop, electronic, and hip hop artists.  Jessie's melodic and angelic voice creates the main harmony supported by Amaya's hard pounding hip hop and tribal beats. The music production itself was made by simple samples of guitar and playing synth and bass on the actual computer keyboard. 

 "We think this album will be the perfect soundtrack for your Summer, hope you all enjoy. Dance, Love and Peace!" -Queen King 


Follow us @queenking_realm on instagram

Mixed and Mastered by Augustine Ortiz at Decibel Foundry 

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