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"Our Hot List"
By Lesley Goldberg


Photos by John Skalicky

25 SoCal residents who make Los Angeles a dynamic and captivating city. We find these individuals inspiring, innovative and interesting, which in our book puts them at the head of the class.

Jessie Deluxe

Playing guitar, singing and rewriting rock songs since the age of eight, Jessie Deluxe balances music with compassion. Whether it’s through her music or her full-time job at the Museum of Tolerance, where she works with Holocaust survivors, Deluxe is all about diversity. “With music, I get to meet so many different people,” she says. “At the Museum of Tolerance … I love getting the chance to learn more about diverse cultures and sharing that information.” Whether she’s penning original songs or creating events and programs—she also helps educate elementary school students about the Holocaust through the museum’s STEPS program—Deluxe is always doing her part to unite different communities. “I would love to make a community center like Harvey Milk did with his photography store—have great thinkers in every subject getting together, making the world a better place,” says the daughter of the Lady in Lavender from the cult classic Phantasm!, who is involved with MusicCares and a variety of animal-rights charities. “It would have an art gallery as well as local designers’ items, a coffee shop and practice space. I could put on rock shows that will help contribute to my charities.” Investors, the ball’s in your court.