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The album "Nichols Canyon" by Queen King is to be released 5/22/21.  Much like there first single "Bet You Know", the album captures California beach vibes with a dash of experimental electro pop.  

Jessie Deluxe (Singer Songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist ) recorded the album with her laptop, one microphone and a guitar in a house where drummer Sarah Otto-Combs was staying with her electric drum kit in the Hollywood Hills. The house was located in Nichols Canyon (Which is where the Album title comes from) and served as a safe place to be free and creative while the World outside was consumed with so much unknowing due to covid, protest (due to the horrible death of George Floyd), and horrible wildfires everywhere in California. Jams immediately turned into songs. This fast electric flow inspired this duo to put a little work it and put some music out on their own.

 The duo is influenced by artist such as Lana Del Rey, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Beach House and _____. Jessie's melodic and dreamy voice creates the main harmony carried over and anchored by Sara's hard pounding hip hop and tribal beats. The music production itself was made by simple samples of guitar and playing synth and bass on the actual computer keyboard.

 "We think it will be this album will be the  perfect soundtrack for your Summer, hope you all enjoy. Dance, Love and Peace!" -Queen King


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